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Chastity Pony Project [CPP]

Chastity pony project
Chastity devices for ponies
Models for sale :
  • The glass wiener : A transparent contraption made to not forbid any erection, but makes no stimulation possible with usual means. Getting off is possible through uretral and anal.
  •  The boner killer: A tight metal tube locking away a penis, forbiding stimulation and complete arousal, making the only arousal and erection painfull.
    A ball ring and spreader are included as Well as A leather strap to include a permanent vibrator to the design.
  • The penny penis : A very tight and short cylinder pressing against the sheath of the pony, forbiding any stimulation and erection, a little pressure will be felt if try to.
    there is an included vibrator.
  • The  Maremaker : A belt squeezing and pusching any male organ inside his body and fat layers, making the colt looking like a mare, a pouch can be managed to simulate a vagina and a little hole allowing Toilet uses.
  • The Leaky Spreader [dangerous]: A contraption looking like the Boner killer, but with an inter perforated sound. It stretches the interior of the penis to makes the cumshots weaker and more abundant.
    Possible side effects are permanent loss of strengh of the cumshots, distretched uretra and very rare erectile troubles.
  • The Gelding mirror [Dangerous]: 
    Magical guillotine gelding the stallion who cums when it’s on him. The cylinder snap and the balls fell.

  • The Udderific :
    Latexy semi sentient latex shaping into an udder who stick on the male penis, maintaining it into a constant arousal and precum leaking.
    The udder will fill and expand until the person get to cum through a milking with usual means by the owner of the latex .
    Can be removed by the owner and if it get too loaded in pre.  [idea from spontaneous Fred]
  • The Peeweedevice:
    [ Watersport/Humiliation/Dangerous/Perma Diapers]
    This transparent chastity device equiped with a catheter is designed for any sub and master wanting to enlarge their relationship in something more Extreme and giving more power to the Master/Lover. Since this device have basically the same long term effects than the Leaky spreader.
    The Catheter included into the device will stretches the uretra and touch the piss pot, making the pony wearing it unable to hold his urinal system closed. he’ll urinate as soon as the liquid will come inside.
    More than that, a prolonged use of this device will make the pony incontinent and unable to delay his urination, and when he’ll be finally autorized to Cum, he’ll pathetically drool his load off his member, a constant stream of semen leaving his cock during the ejaculation.
    [ contribution from Code Block]

  • The Manehattanite : [ Lambda Dusk’s Contribution ]
    [ Skilled Masochists Only ]
    A big rubber toy is pushed inside the pony’s behind. It is connected to a sound rod, deep in the stallion’s urethra. The wearer should be tied up, as movement is vital. Over time, the rod will move deeper inside the penis. This will lead to increasing pain over time. Whenever the wearer feels it necessary, he can move the rod up by pumping the rubber phallus inside his anus, moving it in and out for some time, either by sitting down or asking somepony else for help. While doing so, an optional tight tube around the stallion’s penis provides additional simulation. However, the rod prevents cumming. The speed of the rod is adjustable, all parts are modular. In case of emergency the device can be removed by breaking the safety latch under the belly
  •  The Ladyboner: [Female/Watersports]
    This agreable and unmistakable Chastity belt is equipped with an anal plug and a little clit vibrator set on low frequence, Providing a constant-edge-State.
    A catheter is plugged to the belt, making the  mare unable to pee unless by permission from her master/mistress.
    Meanwhile, it seems to have probably permanent damage on the urinating function with a prolonged use, Like the Peewee Device.
    [Contribution from Kittennoir ]
  • The Banana Shocker [Sounding/Electro-stim]

    ((by  GrimDark MeanSpirit Moon))

    This device explore the Electro-stimulation into the chastity world.

    this sounding rod is equipped with a ring where a little battery is hooked on, with a remote or manual controll/

    the device hisself i locked with cock rings and a paddlock, making impossible easy removal, although the electro-stim part can be stopped in a second.

  • [Dhalia’s Night Panties:
    They are created specifically for Graduates of the Academy of the night. The Usage is meant to allow the prostitutes who try to work to still be conductive to A general feeling of coverage, allowing them to rub, and brush over their forms without growing erect. When they are pulled down and the member is open to the air but the panties still hold to the testicles it is impossible for the Pony to have any form of release, once again a useful tool for the night pony’s work. They are made of Latex]

(Art and picture concept from Lethanvas)

  • The Dragon Grim :
    chastity device coupled with a ball size enhancer.
    It’s enchanted gems make sure that the holder will back up all the while and give him the bestest of the releases.
    Any kind of orgasm is prevented except by anal means.
    All size change, as spectacular as they are, are permanentPrice: 150 000 bits

    Option :
    Optional delux expanding vibrating butt plug and prostate enlarger

    Side effects may include:
    Perma-pre from cantaloupe sized seminal gland. Ask about our super absorbent pads.
    Hip bone widening, users did not see this as a draw back with beach ball sized testicles.
    Giant anus syndrome.
    Ba-dunk-a-dunk Butt.
  • The Cock Sleeve:
    A thin latex condom like device that when placed over a penis, will shrink down and cover the penis like a second skin. It also has a latex sack attached to the main part that shrinks over and covers the balls. The sleeve keeps the stallion always erect and on edge, while prevent the pony from climaxing. The ball sack causes the pony to leak precum at a much higher rate than normal. The leaking can be stopped, but the wearer must suck his own penis while drinking his precum to eventually get it to stop. Two sleeves can be linked together to make it so one pony must sick off another wearing a sleeve to get his penis to stop leaking.
Little FAQ:
  • how that work ?
Theses are 7$ themed comissions, Shaded or not.
your pony will experiment one of the devices cited a little upper.
  • how joining ?
Send me a message with what you want, I’ll do it, and sed my paypal to you. you pay 7$ and you get your pony into one of theses fitty cages
  • Can I help ?
Sure, you are very welcome to send me any idea .

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